Vintage: Art Deco Sterling Silver Ring Box


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This is a gleaming, vintage sterling silver ring box from the Art Deco period. It is a beautifully made piece with a rectangular, stepped-base and a domed top. It is similar to the ring box featured in the "Proposal Scene" of the movie The Notebook.

From the late 1800's into the mid 20th century, when an engagement ring was purchased at a luxury jewelry store like Tiffany, Birks and others, a sterling silver ring box was included. These petite silver treasures came in many shapes and sizes: rectangles, squares, rounds, ovals, hexagons and hearts. The bottom portion was usually lined in velvet or mohair and the top was, sometimes, lined in silk (sometimes imprinted or tagged with the retailer's name). The box was often manufactured by one company and retailed by another. This one was manufactured by Roden Bros. (later acquired by Birks) and sold by Kent's Limited, Jewelers, Toronto.

We are showing it in its original condition. The base portion, lined in black, is in good condition. The silk portion, lining the top, is beginning to show its age and the silk bridge has become discolored. The silk portion that lines the top can be removed and the discolored bridge can be removed or possibly replaced.

Dimensions & Details

  • The box is sterling silver.
  • The outside dimensions are: width 1 3/4 inches, depth a little over 2 inches, and height 1.3 inches. Inside dimensions: width .9 inches, depth a little over 1 1/8 inches, height approximately 1 inch.


  • Canada.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Thought to be Art Deco (circa 1920-1940).
  • Canadian Marks: Stamped Sterling, 925, and Maker's Mark for Roden Bros.


  • The outside is in good condition. It is vintage and has surface scratches (not visible to the eye, primarily through magnification) that one would expect on a piece of this age. The hinge is also in good condition.
  • The bottom is lined in black velvet which is still in good condition. The top is lined in silk, and has the retailer's print: Kents Limited, Jewelers, Toronto. The silk top, originally cream is becoming discolored around the edges and the silk bridge between the top and the bottom is discolored.
  • We wanted to display it in its original condition without modification, which is important to some collectors. If you are purchasing it for you own collection you can feel free to remove the top portion (has become loose) and clip off or restore the silk bridge. Many boxes are either found with just the base velvet pad (whether missing or not originally made with one).

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