Antique/Vintage: Art Deco Sterling Silver Ring Box


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This gleaming, vintage sterling silver ring box is from the Art Deco period. It's a beautifully made piece with a rectangular, stepped-base and an engine turned/engraved striped top.

From the late 1800's into the mid 20th century, when an engagement ring was purchased at a luxury jewelry store like Tiffany, Birks and others, a sterling silver ring box was included. These petite silver treasures came in many shapes and sizes: rectangles, squares, rounds, ovals, hexagons, hearts, etc.

This is a sterling silver ring box was almost assuredly made in Canada, circa 1930/1940. It has its original black velvet ring pad and cream silk lining. See more about its history below.

These boxes are a beautiful way to display or present an important ring (Engagement, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary) and we are always on the look-out for ones to add to our Ring Box Collection. One Bride and Groom purchased two as presentation boxes for their Wedding Day. 

Dimensions & Details:

  • The box measures 2 inches by 2 1/4 inches, at the base.
  • The ring slot is a bit narrow. It will fit a ring size of 6 or smaller (but the band must be narrow). If you have any questions about whether your ring will fit, please let us know and we can help you.
  • There is a "B" engraved in the top left. 


  • Canada.

Period & Hallmarks:

  • Marked "Sterling" for Sterling Silver (925 Silver). 
  • Based upon design, retailer, and location, estimated to be circa 1930/1940.


  • The box is in good overall antique condition. There is surface wear as one would expect with a piece of this age. There are no dents.
  • The box opens and closes smoothly. The hinge is in good working order.
  • The inside ring pad and silk lining are worn, but in good shape without stains or significant damage.

 More About these Early 20th c. Sterling Silver Ring Boxes:

Over the years we have come across a few silver ring boxes from the U.S., some from England, but the majority of the ones we have been interested in, come from Canada (Birks, Ryrie, Ellis Bros, Roden Bros). The English ones are relatively easy to research and date, due to England’s system of hallmarking. Canadian ring boxes can be a bit trickier.

This ring box was retailed by F.B. Steacy, a jeweler located in Brockville (Ontario) Canada. It is marked sterling, for sterling silver 925. There are no other makers marks. It was most likely a ring box that was included with the purchase of an engagement ring (most likely one of import). It was probably a private label ring box, made by either Ryrie, Ellis, Birks or Roden. All of these jewelers/manufacturers made these ring boxes for their stores, but also sold them to other high-end jewelry boutiques to label as their own.

A silk lining with the name of the jewelry store was added to the inside. This one says Steacy, Brockville Est 1860. We have come across two ring boxes in sterling with the same stepped base. They both had the makers mark for Roden Bros. They were almost identical in design to this box. However, this one is unique in that it has the striped engraving on the top. Based upon the design, location, and period, we believe that it was probably manufactured or private labeled by Roden Bros. for Steacy. Like Ryrie and Ellis, Roden was also acquired by Birks.

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