Vintage: Snake Bangle in 9ct Gold, Circa 1920's - the "Cleopatra Armlet"


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This is a gold serpent/snake bangle or armlet in 9ct gold designed as a scrolling serpent. This gold bangle is meant to be worn pushed up around the forearm or just over the elbow. The body is segmented with an engraved head and tail with two small emeralds for eyes.

The discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922 had a significant impact on women's fashion in the 1920's. Flappers were often seen wearing Egyptian inspired armlets and scarab rings.

The popularity of the serpent from Victorian times carried on for several decades and is again experiencing a resurgence. Snake bangles/bracelets that are vintage or antique are highly sought after due to the beautiful workmanship which can be prohibitively expensive to reproduce today.

This snake bracelet is no exception. It has beautiful engraving on its head and tail. It also has a patent number that dates to 1924 which addresses its unique flexibility and strength (see Period & Hallmarks below for more information).

Dimensions & Details: Snake Armlet

  • Round in shape. The inside diameter is approximately 73.5 mm/ 2.9 inches. It is flexible and will give a little more.
  • It is approximately 9.4 mm at the widest point (the head) and 5.8 mm at the widest point of the body.
  • The bracelet is 9ct gold.


  • England

Period & Hallmarks

  • It is most likely 1920's but could be as recent as the mid 1930's.
  • The snake is stamped on the underside of its head with a Great Britain patent number dated 1924. The patent was granted for a construct that resulted in a snake bangle that was both flexible and resilient. The inventor is listed as John Henry Wynn.
  • Stamped 9 ct gold.


  • It is good condition. It has a point of dark discoloration at the juncture of the tail and the head. It is visible to the eye, but difficult to see without magnification and doesn't detract from the aesthetics of the bracelet. It has a few minor dents and surface scratches that one would expect to see on an antique or vintage piece.

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