Antique: Victorian Rose Gold, Diamond & Seed Pearl Bangle Bracelet


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The warm glow of Antique rose gold often looks more like a warm yellow gold and less like the very pink gold you are likely to see in modern pieces. This particular piece has an old European cut diamond at its center surrounded by seed pearls (possibly natural seed pearl due to the age of the piece, but also possibly cultured). There are two gold pansy flowers are on either side, each with a small seed pearl at its center. You can see the craftsmanship in this 14 ct gold piece, especially in the detail around the center gallery which is made to look like a queen’s crown.

Victorian jewelry is full of symbolism. The pansy, derived from the French word to think or penser, was used to indicate “thinking of you”. Wear it by itself, or consider stacking a few of these pretty jeweled bangles together. Browse through the others in this collection.

Dimensions & Details: Rose Gold Bangle

  • The bracelet is oval in shape. It is just under 2.25 inches/57 mm in length by 1.95 inches/49.2 mm in width.
  • The bangle is 14 ct (tested) gold with seed pearls and a rose-cut diamond, 3 mm in diameter. Please note: due to the age of the piece, the pearls could be natural seed pearls. They have not been lab tested, as such it is also possible they could be cultured.


  • England.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Victorian/Edwardian.


  • It is in very good antique condition. The signs of wear and use are very difficult to detect on this piece. There are some small surface scratches that are difficult to see without magnification. One possible seed pearl replacement.

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