Antique: Victorian 22 ct Gold Buckle Ring, 1874, Engraved with Floral Pattern


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The buckle motif never seems to go out of style. Popular in the 19th c. and still sought after today. This gold buckle ring, in 22 ct gold, is from the Victorian period (hallmarked 1874). 

Why is this buckle ring different from other buckle rings?

  • Simply put - it is pretty! There is something about the flowers and foliage engraving. It has been done beautifully. It has not been worn away and it is crisp all the way around. 
  • The yellow of this gold is rich and almost glows. It is primarily because of the gold content, the 22 ct, but also due to the patina of the old gold. 
  • It is in lovely condition, with no dents to the buckle or evidence of previous sizing

 Because of the symbolism associated with the buckle motif, it would also make a lovely wedding band.

Symbolism in Victorian Jewelry: The Buckle

The buckle motif has been popular through out jewelry history. It was popular during the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods.

Victorian life was filled with symbolism and jewelry was no exception. A buckle symbolized fidelity in love, romantic love, a bond that could not be broken, loyalty in friendship, and love of one's family, all symbolized through the joining of the two pieces.

When the buckle wraps around a finger, like the serpent or snake, it can be interpreted as a symbol of eternal love (an unending circle or bond). The buckle is first and foremost a sentimental symbol and a love token, but it can also represent love in life or a love that has gone before but not forgotten. As such, it was also used to symbolize or mourn the loss of a loved one.

Dimensions & Details

  • It is approximately US size 6 1/2 bordering on a 6 3/4.
  • The ring weighs 5.5 grams.


  • England.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Victorian.
  • Hallmarks for Birmingham, 22 ct, 1874. A later inscription added - Dear Mother at rest April 10, 1891.
  • Makers Mark H.A.


  • The ring is in very good antique condition with general wear and surface scratches that one would expect in a piece of this age. 

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