Antique Monogrammed Italian 19th c. Linen Napkins, Set of 6


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These stunning antique monogrammed white linen napkins, were purchased at an antique market in Italy from a specialist in antique linens.

The linen is of a high quality, with a weighty, luxurious feel. Loomed in Italy during the late 19th century (circa 1880/1900), they are monogrammed with what appears to be a LG or GL. They have a classic, simple elegance that will work with a variety of table settings, from Italian rustic to the most elegant silver and crystal set table.

They are hand embroidered/monogrammed. By comparison, modern embroidery is not as thick or deep. The napkins are also hand-hemmed with a drawn thread or “hemstitch” border.

Dimensions & Details:

  • The napkins are 100% linen, color white.
  • The napkins measure 26 inches by 27 inches.
  • Monogrammed: LG or GL.


  • Italy, and purchased in Italy.


  • Antique, circa 1900.


  • They are in good antique condition.

About Collecting Antique Linen & Monogrammed Linen

High quality linen is amazingly durable. Don’t be afraid to use them. Here’s a few things I have learned from caring for my own collection, talking to other dealers, and reading articles by those involved in restoration. If this is your first purchase, you may be surprised to know that high quality linen does not need starch to achieve that crisp, professionally laundered look. Simply iron at the appropriate setting when damp.

A note about antique monogrammed linen - Monograms served two purposes.

1) Not only are monograms decorative, they were also a sign of family wealth and or/nobility. Nobility especially when accompanied by a crown.

2) They also served a practical purpose. I learned about the practical side of monogramming while talking to an expert in antique linen while at an antique market in Parma, Italy. It was also used as a means of identification. Linens were picked up to be laundered, even in the 19th c. and one needed to be sure these items of value were returned back to their rightful owner.

How to Care for Antique Linen

Please note that this note is intended for these napkins or other linens that are white in color and in good shape. Linen will last longer if you hand wash but you can have them laundered. We keep a brand called Restoration on hand which is made specifically for cleaning and restoring linens, but you can also use oxyclean. Linen experts also suggest a bar of Fels-Naptha soap. It is supposed to take out the tough stains (new, not old). Air dry and iron damp or spray again with water and iron. You will find that they come out crisp and ready to place on the table. 

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