Vintage: Linen Napkins, Irish Linen Double Damask (Set of 6)

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These classic linen napkins are made from the ultimate in fine Irish linen, double damask. They are vintage made from a high quality 100% linen, but "new" (never been used) old stock, so the linen is in excellent, unused condition. They have a beautiful ivory white-on-white botanical pattern. 

Double Damask Linen Woven in Ireland

Irish Double Damask Linen is very special. The economics of using the methods needed to produce linens of this quality today, is very costly. The quality of the linen is evident in the fact that when they are washed and pressed they look crisp without starch. 

This set of 6 is complete with its original stickers and labels. They are currently a creamy white and have a bit of shine. One napkin in the set has been laundered so that you can see the before and after. Prior to laundering they are a light cream with some shine. Post laundering, they are a soft ivory white and the shine disappears, but the luster of the linen remains. The last image shows the comparison with the original on the left and the laundered on the right.

Dimensions & Details

  • The napkins are 100% linen, double damask, original color cream, with one wash they become a soft ivory white.
  • The napkins measure 21 1/2 x 21 1/2 inches.


  • Origin: Ireland. 
  • Retailed: U.S.


  • Vintage, circa 1950/60. 


  • They are in excellent, unused condition (New Old Stock). Some small pricks where labels were attached. On the laundered napkin, the fibers have relaxed and the pin size pricks have disappeared.

About Irish Linen

Irish linen is world renowned for its quality. There are very few weavers left in Ireland. Quality Irish linen is beautiful on the surface, but also incredibly strong. It will last a lifetime and allow you to hand them down to the next generation.

Caring for Antique & Vintage Linen

The following is intended for these napkins or other linens that are White/Ivory in color and in good condition. Launder them on cold or luke warm. Linen will last longer if you air dry, but you can also put them in the dryer on low heat. See our blog below for more complete instructions.  

The best detergent to use is one without Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs). OBAs whiten and will slowly whiten the current set from a soft white and impact the subtle white-on-white pattern. Two examples of detergents without OBAs are Woolite and Tide Pureclean. Air dry and iron damp, or spray again with water to dampen and iron. You will find that they come out crisp and ready to place on the table. 

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