Antique: Art Nouveau Wishbone, Diamond, and Clover Brooch (Option for Conversion to Pendant)


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We are calling this one "Twice as Lucky," because of the combination of two good luck symbols into one jewel: the Wishbone and the Four Leaf Clover. Pretty as a brooch, but we think it is begging to be converted into a pendant.

What makes this one a a little bit different? The quality of the craftsmanship, the diamond at the center of the clover, the tiny pearl at the bottom, the details in the design: the engraved pattern on the clover leaf and the shape of the bone at the ends. We love it for its symbolism and the tendril from the clover wrapping itself around the side of the wishbone, showing off its beautiful Art Nouveau style.

Convert it to a Pendant

Love the piece, but would rather wear it as a pendant or necklace? Have it converted.

Convert it vertically with a small jump ring at the top and we will waive our usual conversion fee. Allow one to two weeks and see our return policy for modified or customized pieces.

Wear it on its own, or group it with other charms and pendants.

Dimensions & Details: Wishbone Brooch

  • The length of the brooch is just approximately 1 1/3 inches. The width of the brooch at its widest point is just over 1/2 inch.
  • There is a small old cut diamond at the center.
  • The pearl at the bottom is likely to be natural, rather than cultured due to the age of the piece (but this has not been lab verified).
  • The brooch is 10 kt gold.


  • U.S.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Circa 1900/10, Art Nouveau.
  • Marked 10 K.


  • The brooch/pendant is in good antique condition, with general wear and patina that one would expect in a piece of this age. There is light wear, but it is not eye visible.

The Wishbone and Clover Leaf in Victorian/Edwardian Symbolism

Nineteenth and early twentieth century jewelry is rich with symbolism. Almost everything carries a message or has a meaning. Some are obvious and some require a little research. Like the horseshoe, the wishbone is a symbol of good luck, good wishes, and hope. As you've probably heard, at the end of a meal involving a bird, two people may pull on the wishbone. Each hopes to get the larger piece. The one who does, gets their wish granted.

During the 19th century, wishbone charms were often given out at weddings (along with other symbols of good luck) to wish the new couple luck in their marriage.

The four leaf clover on its face is also a well-known token of luck. When combined with other symbols, for example in a piece of sentimental jewelry, it may also be carry the meaning: Be-Mine. So when you put all of the piece together you get the general message, which can be translated slightly differently but either luck, love, hope or luck in love, etc.

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