Vintage: Linen Napkins, Irish Double Damask with Ferns and Violets (Set of 12)


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These classic white linen napkins are made from the ultimate in fine Irish linen, double damask. They are vintage made from a high quality 100% linen, but "new" (never been used) old stock, so the linen is in excellent, unused condition.

Double Damask Linen Woven in Ireland

Irish Double Damask Linen is very special. The economics of using the methods needed to produce linens of this quality today, is very costly. The quality of the linen is evident in the fact that when they are washed and pressed they look crisp without starch.

This set of 12 is complete with its original stickers and labels. They are currently a creamy white and have a bit of shine. With one wash they will lighten, the shine will lessen and they will have the look of white linen. 

They have a very subtle white-on-white floral pattern of violets and ferns. 

Dimensions & Details

  • The napkins and table cloth are 100% linen, double damask, current color cream will become white with one wash.
  • The napkins measure 21 1/2 x 21 1/2 inches.


  • Retailed: U.S. Origin: Ireland. 


  • Vintage, circa 1950/60. Possibly older.


  • They are in excellent, unused condition. One napkin has a small age related spot that should come out with one wash. Some small pricks where labels were attached.

Caring for Antique & Vintage Linen

The following is intended for these napkins or other linens that are white in color and in good condition. Linen will last longer if you hand wash them, but you can take them to the cleaners.

We keep a brand of linen wash called Restoration on hand. It is made specifically for cleaning and restoring linens, but you can also use the powdered form of Oxyclean. Air dry and iron damp, or spray again with water to dampen and iron. You will find that they come out crisp and ready to place on the table. 

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