Vintage: Art Deco Watch Chain Necklace, 14 Kt White Gold


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This is a vintage, 14 Kt white gold watch chain, from the Art Deco period. Each link has been hand crafted and hand engraved. While choker in length, it is not only substantial enough to be worn on its own, but would also be lovely layered with other chains in your collection.

Would you like to add another inch and make it easier to add a group of charms or a single pendant? Add on one of our Charm Holder Carabiners in 14 Kt white or yellow gold. The locks screws open and closed to add charms or a pendant. See the last image for a look at the carabiner/charm holder added to the chain.

White gold watch chains are a bit harder to find. White gold was not widely used in the jewelry industry until the late 20's early 30's just about the time that watch chains started to fade from popularity as wrist watches became more popular. Fashions were changing. 

While doing research on watch chains we discovered that the jewelry trend of wearing a watch chain as a necklace is not new. When soldiers left home for the battlefields of WWI, they left their pocket watches and watch chains behind with their girlfriends and wives.

Women would wear them around their necks to keep them safe and close to the heart. Pocket watches began to fade from use as wrist watches, more practical in the trenches, became the standard at home as well.

Dimensions & Details

  • The chain is choker length and measures 14 inches (35.5 cm). Add an inch with our white or yellow gold charm connectors carabiners. See our Charm Holders.
  • The chain is 14 Kt white gold.
  • The chain weighs 9.3 grams. 
  • The bar link measures 1.6 mm by a 16 mm.


  • U.S.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Circa 1920/30.
  • Marked 14K of the bolt/spring ring (see image) and on the inside of the watch clip. Additionally acid tested as 14 Kt.


  • It is in very good vintage condition. There are no condition issues. The dog clip and bolt ring both open and close securely (please note this is a fixed watch clip and not a swivel clip). 

Outside of the U.S.? Please contact us for a shipping quote.

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