Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Published by L. Roth on Jan 20th 2023

Valentine’s day is the universal day to celebrate those we love. And while I think we should celebrate those we love all year round and never need a day or a reason to say I love you or give a token of our love, I always enjoy celebrating the day.

I love to share antique sentimental jewelry with meaning or a story behind the piece that I can connect with and that I can wear. The Georgians (1714-1837) and Victorians (1837-1901) were probably the most well-known for their love of sentimental jewelry.

Of course a piece doesn’t have to be antique to have meaning. Choose a piece that you think will have meaning for the one you love, a piece with their birth month gemstone or something that commemorates a special day or event in your lives together or just love in general: hearts, buckles, red or pink gemstones. 

Looking for inspiration? See some of our favorite picks that we think are filled with Valentine's Day spirit and sparkle! 

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts: The Classic Heart Pendant

The classic "Heart". Can you really go wrong with a classic heart pendant? We have three that are from different periods and in different styles.

Antique: Large Gold Heart Locket, 14K Gold

A large antique gold heart locket

© Copyright Sugar et Cie

What makes this one a great pick? Antique heart lockets in this size and condition are getting harder to find. Its soft and rich bloomed gold finish makes it particularly appealing. 

It can be worn a number of ways. It is shown with a simple and delicate modern rolo link gold chain (also available) or pair it with a chunky silver link watch chain for an alterative look.

Vintage: 14K Gold Puffy Heart Pendant, Heart & Arrow Perfume Flacon

What makes this one a great pick? It's a one-of-a-kind piece that you are unlikely to see on anyone else. Perfect for the scent obsessed person in your life who would love to wear a secret, stash of perfume in 14K around their neck.

A gold puffy heart pendant

© Copyright Sugar et Cie

Antique: Victorian Heart Pendant Set with Pave Paste Stones

What makes this one a great pick? If your Valentine is a lover of Victorian jewels, this could be the one. 

Nineteenth century jewelers that created paste jewels with the same care as a piece made with diamonds were considered artisans. This heart pendant is no exception and projects quite a bit of flash and sparkle.

An antique victorian heart pendant set with paste stones

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Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas: Red & Pink Gemstones

Modern: Diamond and Ruby Ring, Half-Eternity Band

What makes this one a great pick? Red is the color of love and also the birthstone for July. 

This band is exceptionally well made. The rubies, more red than what is portrayed in the image below, are vivid and literally glow from within. It is pretty on its own or a lovely addition to a stack.

 Modern: Diamond and Ruby Ring, Half-Eternity Band

© Copyright Sugar et Cie

Vintage: A Rose Gold, Ruby & Diamond Cocktail Watch Ring by Cortébert

What makes this one a great pick? This is another special, one-of-a-kind piece. A statement ring with a secret. If you open the diamond and ruby studded cover you will discover a watch. It is called a Cocktail Watch ring.

 A Vintage Cocktail Watch Ring in Rose Gold with Rubies and a Diamond

© Copyright Sugar et Cie

Valentines's Day Luxury Presentation Ring Box

Looking for a ring box to house a special present or to use as a proposal presentation box? We've got you covered. Take a look at our ring box collection that includes both vintage and new, luxury ring boxes

Glazed Leather Ring Box in Lipstick Red

What makes this one a great pick? It's dressed in red for Valentine's Day! From a small atelier in London that specializes in bespoke leather products, it's lined in a matching soft red suede. You can see and feel the quality. We are currently offering these boxes in three colors.

Glazed Leather Ring Box in Lipstick Red

© Copyright Sugar et Cie

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