Antique: Pearl Fleur de Lys Pendant & Brooch in 15 Ct Rose Gold


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What do you think of when you see a Fleur de Lys? French Royalty? Or Florentine leather bound books dotted with this emblem in gold? The Fleur de Lys is one of the most loved and widely used symbols in European Heraldry.

This is an Edwardian period Fleur de Lys rose gold pendant and brooch. Not only is it set throughout with lustrous, creamy white half-pearls, but also has all of its original findings. On the reverse is a set of hand engraved initials.

Its hinged bail can be folded up and down allowing it to be worn both as a pendant and a brooch, making it oh so versatile.

It is possible that the half pearls or split pearls are natural (not lab tested) as the piece is from the period of time prior to widespread commercial use of cultured pearls.

Layer your pendants. The soft luster of pearls pairs well with just about anything: a diamond crescent, ruby horseshoe or purple enamel pansy. King Louis XV's crown displays seven diamond set Fleur de Lys. Take a cue from French Royalty and wear it with a crown pendant set with sparkling diamonds.

Dimensions & Details

  • The Fleur de Lys measures just under 1 1/2 inches in height and by 1 inch at the widest point.
  • The brooch is 15 Ct rose gold (tested).


  • Most likely U.S. or England.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Edwardian circa 1900/1909.


  • The brooch is in good antique condition. There are no missing pearls. The pearls have very good luster. There is slight wear (surface scratches visible only through magnification to the gold).

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