Antique: Old European Cut Diamond Snake Ring


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We've been on the hunt for a just the right antique snake ring. One that's large enough to wear on your middle or index finger - and here it is! This is a three/four coil, 15 ct gold serpent ring, with a sparkling European cut diamond on the top of its head, diamond eyes, and a mischievous grin (circa late 19th/early 20th century).

The serpent has been a symbol of both love and eternal wisdom throughout the ages. A meaningful symbol in the Victorian Era, Queen Victoria herself started the trend of snake rings as engagement rings. Two pivotal points in her life were marked with snake jewelry: her engagement (coiled snake ring with an emerald) and her first Council Meeting as Queen (snake bracelet to symbolize wisdom).

Dimensions & Details: Gold Snake Ring

  • The ring size is US 10 1/4 or UK U. After a ring has been sized, it is considered customized and cannot be returned.
  • The height at the widest point at the front of the ring measures a little over 13.9 mm or a little over 1/2 inch.
  • At the narrowest point in the back, the ring measures 7.9 mm or just under 1/3 of an inch.
  • The primary diamond is a European cut diamond, approximately 5 mm in diameter, with some inclusions. The snake also has two old single cut diamonds for eyes. The diamonds are bright and lively.


  • England.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Late 19th possibly early 20th century.
  • No hallmarks, stamped or engraved 15 ct (confirmed - tests as 15 ct).


  • The ring is in very good condition for its age. There are very small surface scratches and some inclusions in the diamonds. All are difficult to see without magnification, i.e. the eye alone. The diamonds are bright and lively.

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