Antique: Charm Holder, Dog Clip, Watch Chain Clasp in 9 ct Rose Gold


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This antique watch chain clip (also called a dog clip) in 9 ct rose gold, is the perfect pendant or charm holder.

We've added this to our pendant and charm collection to make it easier not only to add a pendant to any one of your chains, but also to enable you to get more from your jewelry investments.

Because it is a clip, having one of these on the end of a chain makes it easy to add and remove pendants, pocket watches, and charms. 

During the 19th c. and early 20th c., these dog clips, also called swivel clips (but please note this one is fixed it doesn't swivel) were often found on the end of an Albert Watch Chain or on the end of a long Guard Chain or Muff Chain. Long guard chains were draped across the front and tucked under and through the belt. A decorative ornament was attached (pendant, lorgnettes, pocket watch, etc.).

Dimensions & Details

  • It measures approximately 18 mm x 6 mm. The inside dimension of the loop is approx 3.8 mm.


  • England.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Late 19th c. / early 20th c.
  • Marked 9 CT.


  • The clip is in good antique condition. It has surface wear and patina commensurate with its age. It opens and closes securely.  

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