Antique: Victorian Diamond Crescent Moon and Flower Brooch


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To those in the know, this crescent brooch symbolizes a Honeymoon. To the rest of us, it is simply a lovely expanse of sparkling diamonds.

This silver topped, 14 Ct gold, crescent moon from the 19th c. is set with approximately 1.75 carats of old mine cut diamonds. It is beautifully adorned with flowers and foliage.

It can be worn as is, but could also be converted to a pendant (bail at the end) or necklace with attachments at each end. Crescent moons and stars of all types are always popular and look great when layered (pendants) or grouped. Pin two or three to a blazer or on the strap or belt of a dress.

Victorians and Symbolism

We love to share the, tradition, or story behind a piece of jewelry. In this particular case, a crescent moon with flowers or sometimes a bee, symbolized a "Honey" (flower/bee) and "Moon" (Crescent). It was a piece of jewelry from groom to bride as a wedding gift or as a memento purchased during the honeymoon trip.

Silver Topped Gold

During the 19th century in order to achieve the look of uninterrupted sparkle, jewelers used silver. Even fine jewelry made in high carat gold might be topped with silver.

During this period, platinum was generally not utilized (difficult to work with) and white gold would not be introduced until much later (1920’s/30’s). Gold metal provided the strength and the silver gave the gold a white metal appearance.

Dimensions & Details:

  • There are approximately 1.75 carats of old mine cut diamonds set in silver topped 14 Ct gold (tested).
  • The brooch is approximately 1.9 inches or 47mm by 1/2 inch or 12mm.


  • Most likely England or U.S.

Period & Hallmarks:

  • Victorian/Late 19th c.
  • None.


  • The brooch is overall in good antique condition with general wear and surface scratches that one would expect to see in a piece of this age. Someone has engraved a later date into the pin stem.
  • The clasp is in good working condition.

Please Note: The box is period, but not original to the brooch and is for display purposes only.

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