Antique: Victorian Silver Bangle Bracelet, Cuff with Buttoned Cuff or Shirt Cuff Motif

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Antique English sterling silver bangles from the Victorian period with a whimsical, buttoned shirt-cuff motif are highly sought after and getting harder to find. Especially ones that are as pretty as this one. You can see the quality in the realistic details and feel the quality in the weight of the piece.

The silver bangle gleams and even sparkles a bit as the light reflects off of the geometric pattern of scattered ivy leaves engraved into the background. It has a push-in tongue and groove closure, that snaps closed securely. 

Pairing a heavy silver linked Albert watch chain or collar necklace with a silver buckle or buttoned cuff can transform jeans and a t-shirt or add a bit of edge to a black cocktail dress. 

Learn how to "read" your antique jewelry. Decipher symbols that might be hidden in plain view (see below and browse our blog to learn more).  

Symbolism in Jewelry and Victorian Society - Jewelry with a Story

Sentiment and symbolism were prevalent in Victorian society. Flowers and plants are said to have played large part in this period's non-verbal system of communication. However, historians disagree as to whether or not the language of flowers was something that was known and practiced, or more of an idyllic fantasy written about in books.

Messages and thoughts were supposedly communicated through the gifting of actual flowers, plants or objects decorated with these symbols. Multiple books on the topic have been published complete with reference tables by plant and associated message. The definitions can vary a bit by country and author, while some seem to be more universal. The Pansy is a generally accepted as the universal symbol for - thinking of you. The Laurel throughout history has symbolized glory and triumph. A lesser known example is the Lilac – first emotion of love or I am falling in love with you.

Ivy is full of romance and sentiment and was a popular motif often engraved on the background of Victorian jewelry. The ivy vine conveys the message: I Cling to Thee. 

Dimensions & Details

  • The bangle is sterling silver. 
  • It is approximately 1.37 inches or 34.8 mm tall/wide. The inside circumference of the bangle is approximately 6 3/4 inches or 2.65 cm.  


  • England.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Victorian. Circa 1880/90
  • Marked Sterling Silver.


  • It is in good antique condition. There are signs of wear and use commensurate with age: small surface scratches and a few very shallow dent/dings on the back half of the bracelet, which are not very noticeable (see images). 

If you are interested in reading more about the jewelry terms or decorative periods referenced throughout our site, visit our Resources section for additional information.

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