Antique: Large Victorian Gold Heart Padlock Pendant or Clasp, 14 Kt Gold

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So lucky to have found this 19th century, heart-shaped padlock (working) clasp pendant in 14 Kt gold. Unusual, not only in its large size, but also in the intricacy of its design. It is no doubt one-of-a-kind!

The workmanship is no less exciting with a show-stopping, icy, pale-pink gem at the center.

These heart-shaped padlocks were popular during the 19th c. and into the early 20th c. Part of the sentimental jewelry trend, heart-shaped lockets were often gifted as a token of love. They served two purposes, one decorative, as a charm or pendant. Or two, functionally, joining two ends of a chain (bracelet/necklace), together.

Adding to the sentimental nature of the piece is the glazed compartment or "locket" on the reverse side. A place to keep a loved one's lock of hair. One of the Queen Victoria's first pieces of sentimental jewelry was a heart shaped locket she wore around her neck which contained a lock of hair from Prince Albert. She rarely took it off.

Dimensions & Details:

  • The padlock is approximately 40 mm x 25 mm or 1.5 inches by 1 inch.
  • The large stone is most likely a foil backed topaz or rock crystal, the smaller stones are thought to be rock crystal, but are too small to determine.
  • The padlock is 14 Kt gold (tested).
  • The pierced grill or decorative piece around the center stone slides off and is removable.


  • Thought to be European, but possibly English.

Period & Hallmarks

  • 19th c. No hallmarks.


  • The clasp opens and closes securely.
  • The pendant/clasp is in good antique condition, with general wear, surface scratches and patina that one would expect in a piece of this age. The glass is intact with wear some surface wear.
  • The reverse panel would have most likely have contained a lock of hair from a loved one. It has been replaced, at some time in its history with a piece with coral colored silk cloth. Slight surface shipping to edges of glazed compartment.
  • Minor color change (darker pink) to the foil at center, visible with magnification.

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