Antique and Modern: Black Stingray Cuff with Antique Paste Slide

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The antique paste slide pairs beautifully with the glossy black of the stingray cuff. The paste slide was originally a shoe buckle, ensuring that the lady who owned them sparkled from head to toe. Even though the paste is now over one hundred years, the stones still have plenty of sparkle. The cuff is a one-of-a-kind, custom made piece. Visit our blog to see how we've styled them.

The cuff is new and hand-crafted. It is made from the highest quality stingray skin, tanned by a fourth generation tanner using French techniques. The skin looks like a pavé path of glittering black pearls. In addition to its natural beauty, stingray is also incredibly durable. It is not unusual to find antique stingray boxes, or pieces of jewelry, over 100 years old that are still in good condition.

It may be purchased singly (as priced). However, two are available, so you can purchase the pair. Coco Chanel and Gloria Swanson, two 20th century icons, loved to wear matching cuffs. Coco had a pair from Verdura made of ivory, each topped with a jeweled Maltese cross. Gloria's were from Cartier and were made from rock crystal, platinum and diamonds. The combination gave the illusion that perhaps the diamonds had been set into actual rings of ice.

Dimensions & Details

  • The paste slide is 35 mm by 40 mm.
  • The stingray cuff is 40 mm wide (just under 2 inches). The internal circumference is approximately 6 inches, but is very flexible and will expand with your wrist to at least 7 inches, possibly more.


  • Slide: Believed to be French

Period & Hallmarks

  • Late 19th c., early 20th c.


  • The slide is in good condition for its age, with no visual or structural issues. Overall the slide provides sparkle with some pastes brighter than others. The metal has a lovely dark patina from the oxidation that has occurred over the years. There are minor surface abrasions (not visible to the eye without magnification).
  • The cuff is modern/new.

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