Antique: 19th Century Rose Gold & Diamond Floral Spray Barrette (Converted Brooch)


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This is an antique late 19th century brooch that we have converted into a barrette. It is silver over rose gold, which is how the Victorian's achieved the look of white metal (prior to the introduction of platinum and white-gold into the jewelry industry).

It is a curved floral spray set throughout with rose cut diamonds and one brilliant cut diamond at the center. Minor adjustments were made to convert this brooch into a barrette. All of the work was done by an expert jeweler by hand, as it would have been at the time the piece was originally made. The pin was converted to a loop that fits over a gold bead closure (9 ct gold, the same carat as the rest of the piece).

Vintage and antique jeweled pieces worn in the hair, whether holding your tresses off to the side or pinned to the center of a messy bun, add sparkle and shine to your overall look. This jeweled piece can be worn for any special occasion, but would look especially amazing as part of your jewelry wardrobe on your wedding day.

Dimensions & Details: Diamond Barrette

  • The barrette is a curved floral spray that measures 46 mm from end to end and is about 12 mm at its widest point.
  • The diamonds throughout the piece are rose cuts with one brilliant cut diamond at the center (which could possibly be a later replacement). The center diamond has a diameter of approximately 3.2 mm.
  • The metal is sterling silver over 9ct rose gold.


  • England.

Period & Hallmarks

  • Late 19th Century.
  • There are no marks or stamps.


  • The piece is in good antique condition. There is some general surface wear and scratches. A few of the diamonds have small chips or nicks that can only be seen only with magnification.

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